Many people are very diligent with their oral care routine; brushing twice daily and never forgetting to floss. So it’s no question as to why it would be perplexing to some of those patients who discover a new cavity whenever they visit their dentist! Life just isn’t fair. But how is this possible?


Don’t point the finger too soon! While we definitely do inherit certain health conditions and risks from our parents or relatives, it isn’t firmly believed that the state of our parent’s oral health should have a significant impact on our own so long as we’re committed to good dental hygiene practices… although, it is believed to potentially have an influence to some degree.

Blame it on the diet?

What we eat and how often we eat it is thought to be a much more accurate deciding factor of oral health. Patients may be following the recommended guidelines of good oral care, but if he or she is constantly exposing their teeth to foods high in sugar or acid, a twice-a-day brushing routine isn’t going to provide enough protection from decay.

If you tend to snack frequently throughout the day on sweets or fruits, or even carbohydrates such as breads and pastas, try cutting back on the number of times you expose your teeth to these foods or try to incorporate more vegetables or nuts into your diet. Or, chew sugar-free gum in between meals or snacks in order to boost salivary flow and decrease the occurrence of harmful acid attacks.

Blame it on the medication?

Certain medications or medical conditions are known to cause dry mouth in patients. Unfortunately, a dry mouth creates an environment for bacteria to thrive and attack the enamel. Speak to your dentist about ways you can prevent the condition and increase your saliva production. Chewing sugar-free gum, as mentioned above is one of the ways you can do so.

No More Cavities, Please!

If you’re wondering about more ways you can lower your personal tooth decay risk and put a halt to the rising cavity count for once and for all, book a visit with our Hamilton dentist today!



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