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Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment

Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment What to Avoid (and What to Do) To Keep Your Smile White Unfortunately, many of us aren’t too happy with the shade of our smile, as the teeth’s natural brightness tends to dull and yellow over time. But for those of us who have restored our smile’s

The Three Cavity Types

How much do you know about tooth decay? Did you know? Tooth decay can occur on one of three areas of the tooth: the grooves of molars, the smooth outer surfaces/enamel, or, on the roots of our teeth. Do you know where your cavity fillings reside? (If you have any, of course)! Let our Hamilton

Should I Consider a Dental Implant for My Missing Tooth or Teeth?

Our answer: Absolutely! Are you or someone close to you a little “gappy” in the smile department? Whether it’s a single tooth or a few total teeth missing; having a less-than-full smile can have a seriously negative impact on a person’s quality of life. But in the wonderful world of restorative dentistry, there’s one solution

Is Your Mouth Trying to Tell You Something?

Pay attention to these warning signs… Sometimes, our mouths give us hints to let us know what we should be doing differently… and of course, what we’re doing well! It’s important that we stay in tune with our smiles so that we can notice any slight changes when they happen. With that said, if you

Revitalize Your Smile: 5 Proven Tips to Overcome Dental Regrets

Revitalize Your Smile with 5 Proven Tips to OvercomeYour Dental Blues Whether you've had 10 dental fillings and your best friend has only had one, or your rejection to wearing a sport guard cost you a knocked-out tooth in the past - most of us have “dental regrets”, or “dental blues”! But don't let the

Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Bad Breath?

Fight Your Halitosis for Once and for All! If you’re like many people who suffer from bad breath, you may have an emergency pack of mints or gum at your desk or in your bag at all times. But isn’t there a better way to deal with bad breath? There’s nothing against minty-fresh breath, but

Preserving a White and Beautiful Smile

Here's What to Avoid (and What to Do) To Keep Your Teeth Bright Are you happy with the current shade of your teeth? Unfortunately, many of us aren't! Our teeth can easily yellow and stain over time... leading to a not-so-flattering dental aesthetic. But if your goal is to preserve your natural tooth shade, or

Secondhand Smoke and Dental Decay Risk in Infants

We're all aware of the negative effects that smoking cigarettes or tobacco can have on our health. With that said; it's been well-established that one doesn't need to be the smoker to suffer the impact - secondhand smoke is responsible for a variety of health problems in non-smokers, and children are especially susceptible. But while

The Not-So-Sharking Truth about Shark Teeth

Are you seeing double when you look inside your child's mouth? If you've noticed your child sprouting their adult teeth right behind their baby teeth, you might have wondered if there's something fishy going on. Well, there is... but not in the bad way you may think! SHARK TEETH is actually a pretty common condition

The Facts about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Protect Your Child’s Little Teeth You child’s baby teeth may not be around forever… but this doesn’t mean they aren’t important! Contrary to what many people might assume, baby (primary) teeth need just as much love as adult teeth do in order to ensure the healthy development of a child’s smile. With that said, one

Living a Better Life with Dentures

Is This Restoration Right For You? When a patient loses several teeth, the experience can be quite distressing. Without a full and functional smile, we can face a number of problems… such as trouble with speaking, trouble chewing, and lowered self-esteem. Luckily, patients can opt for dentures if they are missing some or all of

Making Oral Health More Fun for Your Child

Get Them Smiling About Their Smile! No one understands better than we do that it can be a challenge to get little ones excited about caring for their mouths! That’s why this month, we wanted to put the spotlight on children’s dentistry and talk about some ways you can help to make oral health care

Do You Have the “Dental Fear” Gene?

Study suggests that dental phobia may be hereditary If the sound of the dental drill, smell of the dental office or mere mention of “the dentist” invokes unpleasant feelings or fear within, know that you're not alone. In fact, Statistics Canada discovered that a staggering 40% of Canadians live with a dental fear or phobia.

Top 3 Misconceptions about Oral Health

Have You Been Believing These Fibs? There are many facts and myths when it comes to the world of dentistry… and many of us may be putting our faith in the wrong things! Let’s see if you’re familiar with any of these dental fibs... Here are our Top 3 Misconceptions about Oral Health: Tooth decay

Trouble Getting Numb at the Dentist’s?

You're Not Alone! Has it ever taken a long time for the local anesthesia to kick in at the dentist's office? You might actually have a resistance to the numbing effects! If this sounds like you, or if you're hearing about this for the first time… this rather rare occurrence can occur due to a

What’s Your Gum Type… and What Does It Mean?

Not all Gums are Created Equal... Did you know? There are two general types of gum tissue, referred to as “Periodontal Biotypes”. One type is referred to as “thin” or “scalloped”, whereas the other is “thick” and “flat”… describing the texture and consistency of the tissue and how it appears with the teeth. But now

Eat These Seven Foods for a Healthy Smile

Dental-Friendly Yums to Smile About! There are a number of foods that might not be so great for our oral health… but then there are also many that protect our smiles from gum disease and cavities! Let’s shed some light on some of the healthiest foods for our smiles: 1. Dairy products Our tooth enamel

The Warning Signs of Gum Disease

As the number one cause of tooth loss in adults, roughly half of the adult population suffers from periodontal (gum) disease. And while gum disease is undeniably a very common condition, it should never be ignored - especially before the irreversible damage comes into play. There are two stages to periodontal disease: 1. Gingivitis This

I Brush and Floss Regularly, Why Do I Still Have Cavities?!

Many people are very diligent with their oral care routine; brushing twice daily and never forgetting to floss. So it's no question as to why it would be perplexing to some of those patients who discover a new cavity whenever they visit their dentist! Life just isn't fair. But how is this possible? Don't point

These Foods May be Healthy, But They’re Bad for Your teeth

Nutritious and... Destructive? Did you know that there are several healthy, nutrient-dense foods provided by Mother Nature that are actually bad for our teeth? It’s unfortunate, yet true! Let’s talk about the foods your body may love, but your teeth don’t: Apples and citrus fruits Due to the acidic nature of apples and other citrus

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush

Who will in this showdown? You might be wondering... should I be using a manual toothbrush or an electric one? Which one is going to give me better oral health?! Well, the truth is, anyone can maintain a great oral hygiene routine as long as they're using their brush correctly. But for the sake of

Are Your Gums Receding?

Here’s What You Should Know Why do gums recede, and is this oral health issue happening to you? Well, gum recession occurs with the gum tissues begin receding or pulling back from the tooth/teeth. This often makes the tooth look longer, because there is no longer an adequate amount of gum covering it. Unfortunately, gum

What Could Be Causing My Tooth Pain?

Not All Tooth Pain is Created Equal For some people, tooth sensitivity is just a fact of life. But the good news is that such pain can often be managed with certain preventive efforts, like the use of desensitizing toothpaste. But for others, tooth pain may be an indication of something more serious going on

Is It Time to Swap Your Toothbrush Out for a New One?

Let's find out… How long do you think you’ve been using your current toothbrush? If you can’t remember when it was introduced to your bathroom counter, then we might have a problem on our hands (or rather, a problem in your hand)! Generally, it’s recommended that a person swaps out their oil toothbrush every three

Do You Grind Your Teeth at Night and Not Know It?

Never Ignore the Warning Signs of Bruxism Do you ever wake up with a sore jaw? If so, you might be a night grinder... a habit that many people suffer from today. Strangely enough, many people are actually unaware that they have a teeth grinding habit because they're sleeping through it, after all! A teeth

Newlyweds: Why and How You Can Build a Smile-Friendly Household

It's an important time to start healthier habits together... This blog's for all of the newlyweds! If you've recently married, and especially if you're planning on starting a family, it's a smart idea to plan out a diligent oral hygiene routine that works for you and your spouse. Your new life together should be an

The Absolute Worst Habits for Your Smile

Are You Guilty of Doing These Things? Not all habits are good habits… especially when it comes to looking after our smiles. Here are our top four habits that we think every person should work on to protect their teeth and gums: Not keeping up with a proper oral care routine In order to maintain

This is How Your Hamilton Dentist Flosses!

It takes a little know-how to floss like a dentist… Are you a pro flosser, or could you use a little practice when it comes to mastering the technique? It definitely requires proper technique to achieve an adequate clean between the teeth. It’s easy to floss incorrectly… but it’s also so easy to floss the

Is Your Dog at Risk for Gum Disease?

This Issue is More Common (and Detrimental) Than You Think If you can’t recall the last time you cleaned your dog’s teeth, then this article is for you. Gum disease affects dogs a whopping five times more than it affects humans, because of their particularly alkaline oral environment… one that encourages plaque formation, and ultimately,

What is Root Decay… and Am I at Risk?

Here’s what you should know Are you happy with the current shade of your teeth? Tooth decay most commonly occurs on the surface (or through the enamel) of a tooth. However, sometimes, tooth decay can occur at the root of a tooth… referred to as “root decay”. Root decay occurs when a tooth’s root is

Safeguard to Transform Your Smile: 3 Vital Enamel Care Tips

Let’s find out. Happy December! Have you been naughty or nice to your tooth enamel this year? Our tooth’s surface enamel is extremely valuable, as it serves to protect the precious layers beneath it – ideally keeping the tooth strong and healthy for life. Composed primarily of the mineral “hydroxyapatite” and stronger than bone, our

What You Need to Know about Root Canal Therapy

We’re setting the facts straight! How well do you know root canal therapy? If you’ve never had this treatment performed on a tooth before, then you may not know too much about RCTs… or you might assume it to be a very scary experience based off of rumors you may have heard… But in reality,

Could My Tooth Pain be “Irreversible Pulpitis”?

When, and why, you should see a dentist if you experience this Happy February, patients and friends! If you’ve been suffering from sharp and dreadful tooth pain that won’t seem to give you a break – unfortunately, you’ve got reason to worry. Our Hamilton dentists will tell you why. Irreversible, or Reversible? There are some

Is a Restoration with Crowns and Bridges What Your Smile Needs?

Restore your smile’s aesthetic and function When it comes to perfecting the look and function of a smile, crowns and bridges can be a perfect option for many people. Read on to learn more about this natural-looking dental restoration that improves the smiles and lives of many every day! So… what exactly are “crowns and

Ontario Works

Ontario Works Provides Financial and Employment Support Are You Eligible? Hey Ontarians: if you've been in need of financial and employment assistance and haven't yet heard about Ontario Works, keep reading. Ontario Works is a program that offers temporary financial and employment support to those who are returning to the workforce, in order to help



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