Not all Gums are Created Equal…

Did you know? There are two general types of gum tissue, referred to as “Periodontal Biotypes”. One type is referred to as “thin” or “scalloped”, whereas the other is “thick” and “flat”… describing the texture and consistency of the tissue and how it appears with the teeth.


But now you may be wondering, “Which gum type do I have”? Well, our Hamilton dentist can help you with that! Let’s go over the characteristics and tendencies of each gum type. You’re likely to also find that your gums share characteristics of both of the types.

  1. Thin and scalloped gums
    Thin/scalloped gum tissue typically results in the teeth appearing more triangular in shape, rather than square. This type of gum tends to also appear thinner in consistency where it meets with the tooth, or tapered. Thin/scalloped gums are more prone to recession, or the pulling back/reduction of the gums. Gum recession can be prevented with good oral hygiene habits (brushing twice daily and always flossing once daily), and by being sure to brush gently using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Brushing too hard or using a brush with hard bristles is known to cause gum recession.
  2. Thick and flat gums
    Thick/flat gum tissue typically results in the teeth appearing more square in shape. The consistency of the gum is thicker where it meets the tooth. Thick/flat gums are more prone to pocketing, which is when the gum tissue loses its attachment to the tooth and develops this deep space around it. The best way to prevent pocketing is with proper daily oral hygiene practices. A dental professional will be able to diagnose periodontal pocketing using a probe, and will be able to measure the amount of detachment at your dental appointment. A deep cleaning is a great form of treatment for this oral issue.

No matter what type of gums you may have, all gums deserve proper daily care in order to stay healthy, pink and beautiful! Have you been taking good periodontal care?



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