Ontario Works Provides Financial and Employment Support
Are You Eligible?

Hey Ontarians: if you’ve been in need of financial and employment assistance and haven’t yet heard about Ontario Works, keep reading.


Ontario Works is a program that offers temporary financial and employment support to those who are returning to the workforce, in order to help them gain independence and employment. It’s a truly beneficial program for eligible Ontario residents with so much to offer.

With regard to financial support, Ontario Works will help an individual afford the costs of basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), as well as family health benefits. In terms of employment support, the individual will receive assistance such as provided workshops on resume writing and interviewing, counseling and training, and access to basic education in order to improve language skills or help with high school completion. The goal of Ontario Works is to help an individual prepare for and secure a job that will be able to provide them with long-term financial support. Emergency assistance is also provided to those in an emergency situation or crisis, or are worried about their safety or wellbeing.

Am I Eligible?

To determine whether you’re eligible to benefit from Ontario Works, simply fill in the Online Application for Social Assistance form, or call Ontario Works by phone. You’ll be asked to schedule an in-person meeting following your application. Income, assets, family size and living arrangements are a few factors that will be considered to determine whether you qualify for the program. Typically, an individual must comply with the program’s employment assistance segment in order to also receive financial support from Ontario Works.

Take Advantage Today

If you think the Ontario Works program would be able to provide you or someone you know with financial and employment assistance, don’t hesitate to contact them today.

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