Pay attention to these warning signs…

Sometimes, our mouths give us hints to let us know what we should be doing differently… and of course, what we’re doing well! It’s important that we stay in tune with our smiles so that we can notice any slight changes when they happen.


With that said, if you notice any of the signs below, these are the issues they might be trying to warn you about.

1. If your gums bleed with brushing or flossing…

Sorry to break it to you, but you probably have gingivitis (gum disease)… that is, unless you’re just brushing or flossing way too hard! When the gums are infected, they send blood to the area to fight the infection – which is why they bleed so easily even with proper gentle cleaning techniques. You need to be brushing twice a day and definitely flossing once daily in order to keep gum disease at bay.

2. If your jaw is often sore upon waking, or you notice dental wear…

You might have a teeth grinding (bruxism) problem. See our Hamilton dentist if you have any of these symptoms, including regularly waking up with a headache. A custom made mouth guard will be able to protect your smile from the harm of an uncontrollable nighttime bruxism habit.

Dental wear may also be indicative of brushing too hard, or frequently consuming acidic substances, such as citric fruits and juices.

3. If you’re experiencing tooth pain that occurs spontaneously…

Tooth pain that occurs without any kind of trigger (like cold temperature or sweet) is something to worry about, as it’s indicative of a condition called irreversible pulpitis. With irreversible pulpitis, there aren’t any treatment options other than root canal therapy, or unfortunately, pulling the tooth. However, if the tooth must be pulled, an ideal option to restore the tooth would be with a dental implant.

4. If you notice your teeth are yellowing…

Teeth may yellow for a number of reasons. One is smoking or using tobacco products, the other is dental wear caused by acidic foods and beverages or by brushing with too much force – exposing more of the yellow-ish dentin layer underneath, and another is simply due to the consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks over time.



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