Restore your smile’s aesthetic and function

When it comes to perfecting the look and function of a smile, crowns and bridges can be a perfect option for many people. Read on to learn more about this natural-looking dental restoration that improves the smiles and lives of many every day!


So… what exactly are “crowns and bridges”?

Well, first off, crowns are artificial tooth caps that mimic the appearance and feel of the enamel, used to strengthen teeth that are weak or that have been treated with a root canal procedure. They essentially protect the treated tooth from future breakage or fracture… something our Hamilton dentist highly recommends in such cases. Dental crowns can also be used to improve a tooth’s overall appearance and shape.

Crowns can also be used to attach dental bridges, which are appliances containing multiple artificial teeth with the purpose of filling a gap where multiple adjacent teeth are lost. Bridges are able to successfully restore multiple teeth as long as there are two healthy teeth with crowns or dental implants on each end of the gap.

Different materials for different smiles…

People will typically opt for a ceramic crown rather than a metal crown if they long for a more natural-looking result. Any area of the smile that is visible, such as the front teeth, is better off restored using ceramic crowns for this reason.

While ceramic crown restorations often last a very long time, even a lifetime, they can in some cases become loose and eventually fall out if a person is not properly looking after their oral health. Restorations like crowns, bridges and dental implants still require proper daily cleaning, despite not being natural teeth.

Crowns and bridges can really serve as a wonderful restorative solution for molars and front teeth, with ceramic materials providing a very natural and authentic appearance. To book a consultation regarding single or multiple tooth restoration, give Westdale Dental in Hamilton a call today!



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