Our answer: Absolutely!

Are you or someone close to you a little “gappy” in the smile department?


Whether it’s a single tooth or a few total teeth missing; having a less-than-full smile can have a seriously negative impact on a person’s quality of life.

But in the wonderful world of restorative dentistry, there’s one solution in particular that can make the world of the difference: dental implants (you can trust our Hamilton dentists on that one)!

Understanding the dental implant

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, typically composed of titanium and resembling a screw. This is surgically implanted into the jaw, where the person’s natural tooth once resided. Over several months, this titanium screw will permanently merge with the jaw bone through a phase called “osseointegration”, and will then be ready for the placement of the artificial tooth. The artificial replacement tooth will be chosen to closely match the person’s smile. Many people with dental implants report that there is not much of a noticeable difference between how their natural tooth feels compared to their implant tooth.

In many cases, a bone graft procedure will be required beforehand so that the implant has enough foundation or support. This is a very common procedure that isn’t as extensive as it sounds – and a synthetic material is often used so that none of the patient’s own bone must be harvested.

Are dental implants in Hamilton the right choice for you?

Anyone who is in good health but happen to have some natural teeth missing can benefit greatly from a dental implant procedure. When a person’s natural tooth is lost and not replaced, a number of problems can arise. The neighboring healthy teeth begin to shift and make their way to the gappy area as a way to “fill in” the space. The area of jaw bone that once supported the tooth’s root begins to deteriorate, contributing to a loss in facial structure and an aged look. Chewing and speech can become more difficult, and self-esteem can plummet.

So yes, a dental implant is truly a smart decision for people with natural teeth missing! Book a dental implants consultation in Hamilton today. We’d love to see you!



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