This Issue is More Common (and Detrimental) Than You Think

If you can’t recall the last time you cleaned your dog’s teeth, then this article is for you.

Gum disease affects dogs a whopping five times more than it affects humans, because of their particularly alkaline oral environment… one that encourages plaque formation, and ultimately, periodontal (gum) problems. And the bad news is – gum disease in dogs often goes completely unnoticed until it’s in its more advanced, serious stages.


When periodontal disease in a dog becomes advanced, the dog typically experiences chronic pain, bone loss and tooth loss. Early warning signs include a particularly offensive breath odor, swollen or red gums, and a dive in appetite.

Prevention starts with you (their owner)!

Our Hamilton dentist recommends you follow these three steps to help ensure your dog’s oral health (and overall health) for life:

1. Brush their teeth every day, or try your best to

We understand it might be a challenge to get your pup to sit through a whole session of productive brushing. In many cases, there will be some training involved to get your dog to comply. Speak to a vet about techniques or products that may be able to help you effectively brush your little companion’s chompers.

2. Supply your dog with harder treats or toys to chew on

Give your dog a chew challenge! Chew toys or treats that provide resistance some resistance is a great way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy through the exercising of the oral structures. They also serve a purpose of helping to remove bacterial build-up from your dog’s teeth.

3. Feed them a diet that is meat-based

A dog’s mouth loves meat and protein, because it’s a type of food that does not promote plaque formation. Feeding your dog a meat-based diet is a great way to ensure their oral health – especially compared to carbohydrate-based diets that turn into sugar and aren’t so dental-friendly.

If you suspect your furry friend is suffering from gum disease, take them to the vet immediately.

Love your dog by loving their smile!

Taking the appropriate steps every day to look after your dog’s smile will not only ensure their oral health, but will help to prolong their life. Will you be making any changes to your pup’s oral health care routine?



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