Have You Been Believing These Fibs?

There are many facts and myths when it comes to the world of dentistry… and many of us may be putting our faith in the wrong things! Let’s see if you’re familiar with any of these dental fibs…


Here are our Top 3 Misconceptions about Oral Health:

  1. Tooth decay cannot be reversed.
    Let’s be positive, here! While cavities are cavities and they’re much better off restored, there is a type of tooth decay that can be reversed. Decay in its very early stage (often appearing as a chalky white spot on the tooth) indicates an area of the enamel that has demineralized. This means that it has lost some important minerals that make up its structure… but the good news is, there’s also a little something called remineralization. An improved oral care routine, improved diet and fluoride treatments are all things that can help to remineralize tooth enamel… and essentially heal very early tooth decay.
  2. Flossing is pointless.
    You may have heard the news, and it may have sounded very assuring… but please beware. Flossing IS necessary in order to prevent gum disease and interproximal (in-between the teeth) decay. Your brush simply cannot clean all of the areas in between your teeth… so why would it make sense to only clean a portion of your teeth?! You may have even noticed your gums start to bleed after a while of not flossing… this is actually the beginning of gum disease which eventually progresses to tooth loss if neglect continues. Please floss every day if you care about your smile!
  3. Whiter teeth are healthier teeth.
    You may think that dull looking teeth aren’t as healthy as bright, pearly whites. This is false! Healthy teeth come in light yellow and light grey shades, and are often not paper white. Teeth staining and discolouration is natural and happens with time, or with the consumption of certain substances. Even so, this doesn’t mean a radiantly white smile is unhealthy… and many people prefer this as it can enhance a smile’s attractiveness.

So, were you believing any of these dental myths? If so, we’re glad we could clear things up for you! If you have any other questions about oral health or about our dental services, contact our Hamilton dentist today.



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