It takes a little know-how to floss like a dentist…


Are you a pro flosser, or could you use a little practice when it comes to mastering the technique?

It definitely requires proper technique to achieve an adequate clean between the teeth. It’s easy to floss incorrectly… but it’s also so easy to floss the right way once you get the hang of it.

With that said, our Hamilton dentist wants to make sure you know your stuff when it comes to flossing. Follow these rules to ensure you’re getting the most out of your routine:

  1. When using traditional dental floss, start by rolling out approx. 18 inches of floss. Wind most of the string around your middle fingers or index fingers, whatever feels best to you, and keep about an inch to two inches of floss free.
  2. Take the small section of floss and hold it firmly between your index fingers and thumbs, then slide it gently down and up between your teeth. Unroll a new section of floss from one hand each time you move on to a new tooth… you don’t want to be transferring bacteria from one tooth to the next! That’s just unproductive.
  3. Curve the floss around each tooth base in a “C” shape, making sure to bring it below the gum line. Use gentle zig-zag motions to avoid trauma to the gums should you slip by accident. Never snap the floss or use force, as this may damage the gums or cause them to bleed. Ouch!

There’s a world of dental floss out there…

What’s great about flossing is that there’s a variety of different floss types available to suit your preferences. Effective flossing can be achieved using traditional floss, floss picks, or interdental brushes. Even oral irrigators (floss water jets) are able to clean out plaque and food particles from below the gum line when used correctly. It really all comes down to what you feel most comfortable using!



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