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How well do you know root canal therapy?


If you’ve never had this treatment performed on a tooth before, then you may not know too much about RCTs… or you might assume it to be a very scary experience based off of rumors you may have heard…

But in reality, a root canal procedure (otherwise known as endodontic therapy) is painless and fairly quick – often taking around only 1-2 hours to complete! The results of a root canal treatment often lasts a lifetime, and the procedure has a very high success rate!

Save a tooth, have a RCT!

It’s quite simple! During a typical root canal treatment, the patient is first given a local anesthetic to protect their tooth from pain. Next, the professional places a rubber dam around the tooth about to receive treatment. He or she then creates an opening in the tooth to gain access to the tooth’s nerve/root. Then, the infected pulp is removed and the root canals cleaned and filled with a special material called gutta percha. In the final step, the tooth is capped off with a dental crown that resembles the top of a natural tooth to strengthen the tooth and prevent future damage.

What happens during a procedure?

Using a soft bristled brush head and avoiding aggressive cleaning techniques will also aid in preserving your enamel for life. You can always ask your dentist or hygienist to remind you about the technique you should be using to brush.

It feels great to be able to save a troubled tooth!

After most endodontic procedures, a person will experience no issues other than some inflammation which is normal and common. Any discomfort can often be easily managed with the help of an over the counter pain medication.

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Our team of dental professionals are here to assist you with all of your root canal needs! If you’re ever experiencing troubling tooth pain that occurs spontaneously, or any concerning discomfort at all, don’t wait and come in to see our dentists as soon as you can.



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