Get Them Smiling About Their Smile!

No one understands better than we do that it can be a challenge to get little ones excited about caring for their mouths! That’s why this month, we wanted to put the spotlight on children’s dentistry and talk about some ways you can help to make oral health care more fun for your child:


  1. Have fun picking out oral hygiene goodies
    Kids love being able to choose from a variety of thematic or colourful toothbrushes, or from a variety of toothpaste flavours. Picking out a new toothbrush with them every 3 months or so can be an exciting thing your child can look forward to. Giving them choice when it comes to dental hygiene products will help to empower them about looking after their oral health independently.
  2. Implement a reward system
    Children love to be commended for their achievements, and positive reinforcement works effectively to ensure that the positive behavior continues. Rewarding your child with a sticker or stamp on a poster every time they brush twice a day for two minutes, and floss once a day, is a great way to encourage positive feelings about oral health care.
  3. Educate your child using fun videos and stories
    Knowledge is power! The more your little one knows about dental hygiene, the more empowered they’ll feel to properly look after their smiles. There are a ton of educational videos online that cater to children, or books and stories to help explain oral health care to them in a way they can understand and enjoy. Or, bring your little one in for a visit with our friendly Hamilton dentist so he or she can ask their own questions!
  4. Play a 2-minute song while your child brushes
    Teach your child the importance of brushing twice a day, for two full minutes each time. Make it fun and encourage the habit of timing by playing one of your child’s favourite tunes for two minutes while he or she brushes.
  5. Compliment your child on their smile
    Finally, another great way to get your child to think positively about oral health is to make them feel good about their own smile. Tell your child that he or she has been doing a great job looking after their teeth and gums, and that it shows in their wonderful smile!

So, will you try any of these 5 tips to get your child excited about oral health care? Remember, teaching your child about the importance of a proper oral hygiene routine from an early age will help to ensure they value the health of their smile for years to come.



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