Nutritious and… Destructive?

Did you know that there are several healthy, nutrient-dense foods provided by Mother Nature that are actually bad for our teeth? It’s unfortunate, yet true!


Let’s talk about the foods your body may love, but your teeth don’t:

  1. Apples and citrus fruits
    Due to the acidic nature of apples and other citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, they surely have potential to do harm to the tooth’s enamel. To enjoy your fruit and prevent enamel erosion at the same time, drink some water and swish it around in your mouth, or chew some sugar-free gum after you’re finished eating.
  2. Bananas
    Bananas are yet another fruit that have great potential to harm our enamel. This delicious fruit may be high in fiber and other nutrients, but its high sugar content and ability to stick around on the teeth makes it a top culprit for tooth decay. Bananas and other healthy fermentable carbohydrates will require you give your teeth some extra attention and protection (again, drinking water or chewing sugar-free gum is a solution. If you’re going to brush your teeth, wait at least 30 minutes after consumption to avoid more enamel damage).
  3. Corn on the cob
    Because corn cobs are extremely hard, eating corn on the cob can be a risky act for your teeth. Like with any hard food or object, a corn cob may cause a tooth or filling to crack or chip off. Always be very careful when biting down on hard foods.
  4. Pickles
    Pickles may be packed with probiotics, but let’s not forget that they’re packed in vinegar. Vinegars are highly acidic, making them not the greatest choice for tooth health. Be mindful around pickles or salad dressings/ anything containing vinegar.
  5. Almonds
    Almonds are another healthy food that is super dense and capable of causing chipping or fracture. When it comes to almonds, chew with caution – or enjoy them after soaking them in water to soften them up. Sliced almonds are also a great option!

Well, there you have it! How many of these healthy foods do you enjoy often? The next time you go to bite into a corn cob or snack on a pickle, keep your precious teeth in mind.

Our Hamilton dentist wishes you (and your mouth) well!



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