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When a patient loses several teeth, the experience can be quite distressing. Without a full and functional smile, we can face a number of problems… such as trouble with speaking, trouble chewing, and lowered self-esteem.


Luckily, patients can opt for dentures if they are missing some or all of their teeth. Dentures can significantly improve the quality of a patient’s life – helping to restore their basic oral functions and overall appearance. With dentures, a patient can chew food, benefit from improved digestion, speak clearly and smile with confidence. Our Hamilton dentist helps patients restore their smile with dentures!

The Denture Facts

A denture is a removable device, custom-made to adhere to a patient’s unique mouth shape. Dentures are created in a laboratory after the dentist takes impressions or moulds of the patient’s jaw.

There are several types of dentures:

Complete Dentures (Full)

For patients with all teeth missing, full dentures attach to the patient’s gums and are securely held in place. Complete dentures can be immediate (fabricated before a patient’s teeth are removed) or conventional (fabricated after a patient’s teeth extraction). These dentures are typically made from a durable acrylic material.

Partial Dentures

For patients who still have some of their natural teeth, partial dentures anchor onto the existing teeth to hold it in place. These dentures are typically made of one or more acrylic teeth and gums supported by a cast metallic framework.


Overdentures attach to a series of dental implants in the patient’s jaw, ensuring a secure fit.

Looking After Your New Dentures

Your dentures will require daily maintenance and care, just like natural teeth do. It is actually possible for dentures to accumulate plaque and tartar – which is why patients should gently brush their dentures daily with a denture cleanser or gentle soap, using a soft bristled brush or denture brush. Patients should store their dentures in warm (never hot) water or a special denture cleaning solution overnight. Hot water may damage dentures, as will improper handling or bending. Dentures should also be rinsed after every meal.

Care goes beyond just the dentures, too! Patients should be sure to clean their gums and massage them when they are not wearing them. They should also clean any natural teeth with a soft bristled brush and dental floss daily. With everyday proper care, patients can benefit from their dentures for quite a long time!

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