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    Missing a tooth — or multiple teeth — can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Many people are embarrassed to smile for photographs, or feel self-conscious about speaking or eating in public.
  • Teeth Whitening

    Westdale Dentistry offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including ZOOM teeth whitening, contouring, shaping, and using veneers to correct a tooth’s colour, close a space, or repair a crack.
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Located in the Radio Centre, our dedicated team of professionals provides compassionate and expert dental care to patients in a relaxed atmosphere.

We offer both General Anesthesia and IV Sedation !

    We believe that visiting a dentist shouldn’t be a stressful experience! We provide sedation dentistry and different anesthesia options. We’ve got it all under control at our Westdale Dental dental.

    We want you to feel comfortable while we take care of your dental health!

    We invite you to browse our website, explore the patient education information and learn about our Hamilton dental office!

    Once you become our patient, you will be leaving our dental clinic with a bright, wide smile!

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Offering Sedation Dentistry

If you’re anxious about dental visits, Westdale Dental in Hamilton has the solution!

Westdale Dental offers Sedation Dentistry for those who prefer to be unconsious during complicated dental treatments. For some people, a visit to the dental office is a very stressful, emotional event. If you have a hard time getting through a dental procedure because of nerves or anxiety, you can relax – Westdale Dental offers an option that could help put you at ease. With Sedation Dentistry, a patient receives medication to relieve their anxiety and minimize any discomfort during a dental visit. A sedative medication can be administered orally or by intravenous (or both), and will allow the patient to enter a state of dreamy sleepiness. Intravenous (IV/Conscious) sedation is a great option for people who experience unpleasant dental anxiety surrounding their dental treatment. Some patients fall asleep, while others remain awake but don’t notice or care about the dental work being performed.

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Patient Education

Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment

Keeping Your Smile Bright after Teeth Whitening Treatment What to Avoid (and What to Do) To Keep Your Smile White Unfortunately, many of us aren’t too happy with the shade of our smile, as the teeth’s natural brightness tends to dull and yellow over time. But for those of us who have restored our smile’s

The Three Cavity Types

How much do you know about tooth decay? Did you know? Tooth decay can occur on one of three areas of the tooth: the grooves of molars, the smooth outer surfaces/enamel, or, on the roots of our teeth. Do you know where your cavity fillings reside? (If you have any, of course)! Let our Hamilton

Should I Consider a Dental Implant for My Missing Tooth or Teeth?

Our answer: Absolutely! Are you or someone close to you a little “gappy” in the smile department? Whether it’s a single tooth or a few total teeth missing; having a less-than-full smile can have a seriously negative impact on a person’s quality of life. But in the wonderful world of restorative dentistry, there’s one solution

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